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Products / Tracks / ORBRIUM® Toys 68 Pcs Wooden Train Track Expansion Pack

ORBRIUM® Toys 68 Pcs Premium Wooden Train Track Expansion Pack


Item: ORB-EXP-P-68

UPC: 602573407523


Orbrium track layout guide
Orbrium wooden railways track connecting pieces
Two track adapters included for FREE!
  •  This set includes: 4x MM Adapters, 4x FF Adapters, 9x 2" Straight Tracks, 4x 3" Straight Tracks, 8x 6" Straight Tracks, 16x 3.5" Curved Tracks, 8x 6.5" Curved Tracks, 2x MMF Curved Switch Tracks, 2x FFM Curved Switch Tracks, 1x Y-Switch Track, 1x M Ramp, 1x F Ramp, 1x Cross Track, 1x Engine Barge, 1x Barge Dock, 1x Signal Pole, 1x Left Stone Bridge (plastic), 1x Right Stone Bridge (plastic), & 1x Stop & Go Checkpoint.

  • Carefully curated pieces - ready for you to expand and build your wooden railway!

  • Includes our exclusive Engine Barge, Barge Dock, Stop & Go Checkpoint, Signal Pole,  and beautifully decorated stone bridge.

  • Crafted with premium solid hard wood.

  • 17 different track layout possibilities! 

  • Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and CPSIA.

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