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ORBRIUM® Toys Lift and Load Wooden Train Set with Magnetic Crane, Magnetic Helicopter, Large Diesel engine, Semi-Truck, Shipping Container Flat Car; Compatible with Thomas, Brio, Chuggington, Melissa & Doug


Item: ORB-TS-500

UPC: 00850026309034


  • Set Includes Large Magnetic Crane, Diesel Engine, Shipping Container Flat Car, Semi-Truck with 2X Container Chassis, 2X Shipping Container, Semi-Truck Loading Ramp, Magnetic Helicopter, Helipad, Mountain with Tunnels, Worker Figurines, Charming Village Buildings, Tree and Bushes!!

  • Large 8 wheels engine and train car fits small hands.

  • created with lively and colorful graphics!

  • Large Crane - each crank of the wheel creates a clicking sound!