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Products / Train Sets / ORBRIUM® Toys 67 Pcs Fantasy Adventure Set

ORBRIUM® Toys 68 Pcs Fantasy Adventure Set


Item: ORB-TS-600

UPC: 850026309072


  • Includes: 1x Storage Box and Castle, 2x Long Battlements, 2x Short Battlements, 4x Tower Bridge Sides, 2x Track with Screw, 2x Track Fasteners, 2x Tower Support, 4x 8" Straight Track, 3x 6" Straight Track, 2x 2"Straight Track, 2x Ascending Tracks, 1x Ramp (F), 8x Short Curve Tracks, 8x Long Curve Tracks, 1x Short Switch Track (MMF), 1x Bridge Track, 5x Characters (King, Queen, Princess, Prince, Knight), 1x Magnetic Dragon, 5x Trains (Unicorn, Horse, Royal Carriage, Treasure Train, Engine), 2x Lake Halves, 1x Frog, 3x Trees, 2x Spooky Forest Tunnels, 4x Spooky Forest Stands, 2x Mushrooms, 2x Royal Flags

  • Interlock the Battlements to fortify the castle and defend against danger!

  • Use the Screw Track and Fastener System to build a tower bridge and navigate perilous terrain.

  • Lower the Dragon head and pick up the magnetic treasure chest. The tilting mechanism is designed to be gentle and safe for children's hands.

  • The entire set conveniently packs away in the castle storage container for on-the-go excitement! Stack it with our 12-pcs train sets or the 52-pcs set!

  • This set is part of a series featuring our revolutionary Screw Track and Fastener design, with other exciting sets coming soon!

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