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Products / Train Sets / ORBRIUM® Toys National Park Mountain Spiral Adventure Set

ORBRIUM® Toys National Park Mountain Spiral Adventure Set


Item: ORB-TS-700

UPC: 850026309089


  • Beautifully crafted, wooden 141 pc train set; Featuring our revolutionary Tracks with Screws and Fasteners, constructed in a perfectly engineered. sturdy spiral! Great for STEM learning!

  • The set includes: 11x Pairs of Mountain Columns (22x Total), 16x Grey Screw Tracks with 32x Fasteners, 8x Orange Screw Tracks with 16x Fasteners, 1x Large Circle of Biomes (3x Pieces- Campground, Canyon, Lake), 6x Trains (1x Engine, 1x Dome Car, 1x Ranger Car, 1x Camper Car, 1x RV), 1x Rock Puzzle ( 3 Pieces), 1x Tent, 1x Entrance Sign, 1x Big Bear, 1x Little Bear, 1x Log Pile, 1x Ranger Station (3x Pieces- Station Base Track, Station Plaque, Stop & Go Gate Track), 2x Pine Trees (Made of 2x Interlocking Pieces each), 1x Sequoia Tree ( Made of 2x Interlocking Pieces), 4x Ascending Tracks, 24x Large Curve Tracks, 2x Straight Tracks (4" each)

  • Discover 12 wild animals commonly found in state parks! Each tower is numbered in order and each pair displays a different national park animal for easy construction!

  • Six unique vehicles and multiple destinations for unlimited storytime!

  • Flip around the Ranger Station to turn it into a train station!

  • The Baby Bear fits on the log pile and the Big Bear's back!

  • Place the biomes at different stops or assemble them to form a large habitat circle!

  • Flip over the ordinary rocks to reveal a puzzle of the fossils underneath!

  • Made from beautiful Beechwood.

  • 100% compatible with Thomas Wooden and Brio Railway Systems.

  • Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and CPSIA.

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